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Electronic Services

Quick and reliable installation or repair for home consumer electronics

If you are in need of quick and reliable installation or repair for an electronic device you've come to the right place. Hetzell Consulting has a very experienced electronic technician ready to provide you with the highest quality technical service.

Electronic Services Include...

Home Entertainment Systems

Whether you are just adding surround sound to an existing TV or installing all new multi-media components, planning needs to take place prior to hooking these devices together. Hetzell Consulting can professionally install all your home entertainment components in the most efficient and effective configuration. Listed below are some of the tasks we perform.

  • Evaluate speaker location for proper surround sound
  • Install components and cables (this includes TV & speaker wall mounting)
  • Configure and program components (this includes remote controls)
  • Setup the connections between components
  • Setup the connections and configurations for smart devices i.e., android phones, iphones, ipads, etc.
  • Setup a connection to the internet
  • Setup a connection to your local network (this provides access to pcs and media servers)
  • Label and document all cables and connections
TVs & DVRs (TiVo)
If you need help with the installation of a new TV or DVR, we'll take care of everything. This includes wall mounting, cabling, configuration, calibration*, and programming remote controls. In addition, some TVs and DVRs require special configuration for secure access to your network. This special configuration is just one of the areas where our services surpasses other providers.
We take care of everything!

It’s a fact—TVs are setup "HOT" by the manufacturer for display in brightly lit showrooms. That means their settings out-of-the-box often are not ideal for home viewing. Blacks can look washed out, whites too bright, details even fuzzy. If you're looking for a great home-entertainment experience, professional calibration is the way to go. In fact, calibrating your television will likely have a far greater impact on the picture’s quality than the brand, features, or technology used to create it.

Hetzell Consulting uses professional tools to optimize your TV’s display levels for maximum HDTV performance, providing the richest blacks, most natural color, and the absolute sharpest picture at a price that will meet your budget.
Security Lighting

Every home or business should have outside lights that turn on when motion is detected. Besides the convenience of having your path lighted when you come home late at night, it is an excellent deterrent to criminal activity.

Let Hetzell Consulting evaluate and install the proper security lighting for your home or business.
Video Surveillance Systems

It is a fact that just the mere presence of video surveillance cameras can help prevent crime, from business vandalism to a residential home invasion. Furthermore, a video surveillance system can help provide the evidence you need if a crime actually does take place.

Choosing which model DVR and what type of cameras best fit your environment is one of our specialties. Let Hetzell Consulting evaluate your requirements and build you a practical effective video surveillance system that fits both your needs and budget.

Don't let the criminals get the upper hand. Call us today for a free estimate!
A typical surveillance system will be made up of a series of cameras connected (be that wired or wirelessly) to a DVR which records images and in turn displays those images on a monitor. In addition, most of the newer DVRs are capable of being connected to a network that can send those images to an outside internet ready computer or smart phone. In turn, such smart phone applications allow you to control your surveillance system from afar 24/7.
Gaming Systems
From the hand held Nintendo DS to the high end PC, we perform the installation and repair of most gaming systems on the market today. After evaluation of your problem we will inform you of the more economical solution before beginning any repairs.
Wired & Wireless Networks
Hetzell Consulting installs and supports both wired and wireless networks. This includes network devices such as routers, switches, hubs, modems, wireless access points, range extenders, and all associated cabling.   (The quality of cabling used will facilitate future network upgrades.)

After looking over our service categories if you have any questions or did not see what you were looking for, please contact us using one of the methods found on our Contact Us page. If we cannot help you, we will be happy to refer you to one of our reputable and professional business associates.

On-site, Remote, and Pick-up/Drop-off Service

Hetzell Consulting offers on-site, remote, and pick-up/drop-off support services. If your problem requires that your device be brought into our repair shop, we will pick it up, make every effort to complete the repairs within a reasonable amount of time, and drop it back off. Our goal is your complete satisfaction through friendly, professional, and effective service.

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